Emergency Surgical Kit


Code: DH9120

In the case of an emergency, sometimes medical help just can’t get there in time. This surgical kit is military standard and includes sutures, so you can stitch up a wound if it is needed. Only use this if it is absolutely necessary! It is good to have on hand but should never be the first option in case of an emergency.

Product Detail

  • Inner straps hold essentials in place
  • 600 Denier Nylon Tri-Folding Snapped Pouch

Contents: (all stainless-steel instruments)

1 – Suture removal lip scissors (rarely seen in kits)

1 – Suture needle holder hemostat (for easier suturing)

1 – 5” Curved hemostat

1 – 5” Straight hemostat

1 – Scalpel handle

1 – Sterile #10 scalpel blade

1 – Sterile #11 scalpel blade

1 – Surgical probe with eye

1 – 5 ½“ Pointed operating scissors

1 – 5” Pointed tweezers/forceps

1 – 5.0 Black nylon STERILE suture with attached needle

      (used for fine external skin and mouth cuts)

1 – 3.0 Black nylon STERILE suture with attached needle

      (used for external muscle skin areas) 

10 – Steri type wound closure strips

2 –  Alcohol free cleansing Wipe (used around wound areas to allow closure

       Strips or bandage tape to stick to the skin)

2 – BZK antiseptic wipes

2 – Alcohol prep wipes



Carton dimension: 48x40x18cm

Ceritificate: FDA , ISO13485