Watertight First Aid Kit 1.0

Item No: DH3304

The Watertight First Aid Kit 1.0 contains an assortment of first aid supplies needed to treat a variety of minor injuries.

The watertight case is made of high-impact plastic and has a water-resistant O-ring seal that keeps the contents safe and dry (not
intended for submersion). Case also comes with a lanyard and carabiner.

Product Detail


Alcohol Prep Pads     2
Antiseptic Towelettes      3
Bandage, Adhesive 1 x 3”    10
Bandage, Knuckle   2
Butterfly Closures    2
Gauze Pads, Sterile, 2″ x 2″      1
Sting Relief Pads   1
Tape 1/2 x 10 Yards, Plastic      1
Total Pieces       22

Waterproof PS box with a carabiner ,size:12.1x9.5x3.8 cm     
Qty/Carton: 4pcs/inner box 19x8x12.2cm , 6 boxes/Ctn, 24pcs/Ctn     
Carton dimension: 25x20x24.5 cm    
Weight 2.30/3.30 kgs

The kit is shown on Page 32 in Catalogue 2017v

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