Military Training and Combat


  1. Elastic Bandage: Latex-free, 1.8 extension strength, average strength in pressing.

  2. Closure Clip: Additional Pressure on the wound for effective bleeding control

  3. Non-stick Pad: Absorb 125 liter liquid at most,

  4. Clamp Bar:differentiate the traditional bandage clip or safety pin, could help to secure the bandage safely in place

  5. Applicable for different situation:

Secure, water-resistant pressure applicator and closure bar

  • FDA approved

  • Immediate direct pressure

  • Quick and easy self-application

  • Vacuum-sealed packaging

  • Versatile and X-Ray friendly

  • Widely used by law enforcement, military and public safety professionals

NSN number 6510-01-492-2275 for the 6 inch green dressing

Product Detail

Heavy injure in the following situations:
Military Training and Combat
Bush Walking
Household First Aid
Vehicle Emergency Accident
Industrial First Aid
Comfortable in wrapping and easy in operation

Military version: Green   Vacuum Sterilized Packing:

DH803    4” x 5 yds    Non-stick pad, heavy bandage,10cm x 18cm

Civilian version: White    Vacuum Sterilized Packing
DH805    4” x 3.75 yds    Non-stick pad, 10cm x 18cm