Cotton neck cooler / neck scarf


The cool scarf Keeps you cool all days, Just soak in cold water, Reusable, Hundreds of times, Good Ideal for work or play
- Reusable up to 100 times by reactivating with water
- crysta Polymer is non-toxic(from Korea)
- Really magic cool scarf will remain cool for long
- For the crystal polymer will absorb the water quickly
- Soak the cool bandana in cold water for 15-20 minutes. Advanced polymer cooling crystals will plump up to cool you down for two full days 

Product Detail

Material: health(non-toxic) crystal polymers(from Korea) in ties, Used the best crystal polymers.  

The crystal polymers never have the paste out of the ties. The material of ties is 100% cotton fabic.

             Crysta Polymers

Size: 90X5cm , 100 x 5cm or custom size. 
Color: Blue,black,red,green,brown,Jacquard etc.

Please advise your logo artwork and order details, we will make pre-production samples for approve . Inquiry now .