Code: DH9015

*Made of Strong ABS, smooth & shiny material.
 *With Safe Locks.
 *With Sturdy Wall Mounted Blacket.
 *Contents clearly listed on inside lid.
 * No Metal Parts.
 *With Additional Dividers for organize first aid items.
 *Secure Lid to help protect contents against dust & Moisture.
 *With Comfortable Carrying handling

Product Detail


1 Adhesive tape     1pc    
2 Elastic bandage  5cm x 4.5m      2pcs    
3 Elastic bandage  7.5cm x 4.5m    2pcs    
4 Adhesive bandage   25pcs    
5 Sterile gauze pad  7.5x7.5cm     5pcs    
6 Sterile gauze pad  5x5cm     5pcs     
7 Soab sachet    3pcs    
8 Cleansing wipe    3pcs    
9 Alcohol prep pad    4pcs    
10 Antiseptic wipe     3pcs    
11 Safety pins      6pcs    
12 Gloves     2pair    
13 Scissors     1pc    
14 Sterile tweezers    1pc    
15 Cotton wool pack    4pack    
16 Adhesive dressing 10x6cm   1pc    
17 Hemostatic lancet   2pcs    
18 Triangular bandage    1pc    
19 Compress bandage   8x10cm   1pc      
20 Frist aid booklet    1pc   

ABS case , dimension: 28.5x19.5x11.7 cm  

Quantity per carton: 10 Pieces   
Carton dimension: 60x42x30cm    
N.W./G.W.: 13.50/15.0 kgs